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About ‘Mummy it’s Yummy’

Welcome! Many thanks to you and I appreciate taking your time to visit here.

I am Jayasudha Sivakumar, the Mom behind ‘Mummy it’s Yummy’! 🙂 After 7 years, working as an Oracle Developer, I always knew I wanted to do something creative, fun and exciting. I am a person who puts my heart and soul in everything I do and love to chase my dreams. I am a dreamer and I found ‘Mummy its Yummy’ in 2020 – This is my HAPPY PLACE.

I was born and brought up in Chennai (India) in a Tamil speaking family. After graduating, I moved to Pune (Maharashtra) for work in 2007. I was homesick, missed mom’s food and of course Chennai!. ‘One cannot think well, sleep well, love well if one has not dined well’. So, that’s when my inner chef was born 🙂 I believe cooking is “Love made visible.” I love everything about cooking. Right from the hot roasting pan, the flavors from the spices, their aroma filling the air – cooking awakens the senses and rejuvenates you.! Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness.

Inspired By

My mom is my biggest inspiration to cook. She is truly a magician in the kitchen! She keeps it simple yet classy! Mom shares recipes over the phone and I try them. When I successfully mimic my mom’s recipes – Bingo! my joy knows no bounds.!

I got married to an amazing person Sivakumar Ganapathy (GS) in 2011. GS is my Lochinvar – my Hero! He is open to innovative ideas and he is ‘My Rock’. Shortly after our marriage, we moved to the USA in 2013. Home away and being a full-time mom was monotonous. Innovation is born when boredom persuades you to develop disparate ideas. I found immense joy while trying out new recipes. The baking world was new to me and I love baking inside out! 

To impress my husband, I started to make a journal of our family recipes. Talking about family recipes, I love my late grandmother’s food. She emphasized that – ‘Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. Her elite choice of vegetables in her recipes, the spicy meat gravy, and her festival special sweets – I can keep talking about it all day. 

My Mother-in-law is the super-fast chef in our family. I wonder how she manages everything all by herself especially during the festivals and family gatherings. She simply impresses everyone with her delicious choice of menu. Cooking a whole meal under an hour is her specialty which is always commendable. That is something that I learned from her. 

Currently, I reside in Canada with my family. I am a mom of two wonderful kids – Vineet and Shamita. (Vin & Sham). Vineet Kumar is my catalyst and he motivates me to try new recipes, more often he also demands me to make it! Daddy’s little princess Shamita Sivakumar was born in 2018 and made our family complete. You can find more stories about them in my posts. 

Besides cooking and talking about food all day, I enjoy reading books and watching movies. I love to decorate my home with my handcrafts, pencil sketches and also Vin’s artworks. 

Meet our Team 

I enjoy creating cooking videos and my husband GS helps me take great pictures of the appetizing food to exhibit here in our blog.  Special thanks to our Son – Vineet. Recipes are featured in this blog only after I receive a big thumbs up from him. He is our super jury. Hence, the name — ‘Mummy it’s Yummy’. 

Why Mummy it’s Yummy?

“This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!” – Julia Child.          

The idea of this food blog was inspired by the movie – ‘Julie & Julia’. I am an ardent fan of Julia Child, highly motivated by my family legends and Julia Child, here I am as a food blogger, and enjoy every bit creating this blog.

As a foodie, I always wondered about the difference in taste with the same recipe cooked by different people. What could it be? Adaptation? Style of cooking? Measurement? I believe there is a secret ingredient. ‘Passion’- Food cooked with utmost love brings difference! Sometimes the name of a dish can be intimidating, misleading and assuming that it’s impossible to cook at home. Fear of failing paralyzes us and limits ourselves from trying any new recipe.

“…no one is born a great cook, one learns by doing.” – Julia Child.

 My goal through this blog is to inspire you to cook from scratch and enjoy homemade food. I believe cooking from scratch as an accomplishment and contentment of eating the right thing! As a mom, I take the huge responsibility of building a healthy family. I invest my time looking for healthy recipes, following the right way to cook and the health benefits of eating the right food.

What can you find here?

As a food lover, I collect recipes. I love experimenting in my kitchen which is my Chemistry lab. The right amount of this and that, cooked right with all your love gives the scrumptious food.

You can mainly find typical Indian recipes and other international cuisines here. I use fresh and simple ingredients to cook, homemade spice powder and bake from scratch. You can find a quick video of recipes to help you follow the recipe. You can also find tips and tricks for easy cooking. I try to give a substitute or replacement as much as possible in my recipes. The recipes in my blog are mostly our family recipes, my favorite recipes shared by friends, from cookbooks, magazines and few adapted recipes from other blogs. I give credit to the author of the recipe when due. I also spend time creating my recipes for simple cooking. All the recipes in my blog are tested several times – approved by our family juries and I bring to you only the best of best here. 

Cooking is an art of Storytelling.

I grew up listening to stories from my dad. He is an excellent storyteller. The story begins when we sit for dinner. He would take a bite, relish the taste and would recall a memory relating to the food about his childhood friends, a festival he celebrated as a child, a family member’s favorite. So whenever he sits to eat we would wait what story he would tell for the day.? 

When a new food is invented there is always a story to tell.! The way it was cooked, or the origin, the ingredients speak for itself or the unique technique to cook it.!  A sense of taste can trigger a memory close to your heart. I am sure you will have a memory to recollect and relish when you try my recipes. 

Did you like our recipes? Did you enjoy making our recipes? I am excited to hear from you.. Leave a comment and share your thoughts about our blog with us.. ! 

Your comments brighten my day..!! Happy Cooking..! 🙂

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  1. Wow Jayasudha this is commendable. All the very best and thumps up to a beautiful supportive family. This will surely go a long way.

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